“True greatness, true leadership, is achieved not by reducing men to one's service but in giving oneself in selfless service to them.” - J. Oswald Sanders






Nathaniel Hampton
Caldwell, ID

Born and raised in Northwest Arkansas, raised in the Apostolic faith, and attended UPCI churches all my life, with the exception of about a year and a half. Felt a call to the ministry at 14 years of age, preached my first message at a midweek service shortly after turning 16.

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John Crawford
Rupert, ID

UPCI minister since 1972. I was an assistant pastor in Vancouver, Wenatchee, and Rupert, Idaho. We evangelized for while in Washington and Idaho. I was interim pastor in Wenatchee Wa,and then started churches in Stehekin and Chelan Wa, currently pastors in Rupert, Idaho.


Section One Presbyter

David Lawrence
Lewiston, ID

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Section Two Presbyter

B. J. Duncan
Boise, ID

Licensed with the UPCI for over 40 years, Pastor Duncan is a seasoned minister of the Gospel.  Having attended Gateway College of Evangelism, he traveled in the Midwest and Southern part of the country evangelizing for several years.  During this time, he spent considerable hours

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Section Three Presbyter

Donald Casper
Idaho Falls, ID

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