Pastor Hampton

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It all started with…

Northwest Arkansas where I was born and raised. Raised in the Apostolic faith, and attended UPCI churches all my life, with the exception of about a year and a half. Felt a call to the ministry at 14 years of age, preached my first message at a midweek service shortly after turning 16. I attended Jackson College of Ministries, for 1 year, 1979-80. Married my sweetheart on Dec. 31, 1980, at which time I was youth pastor in our home church. We moved to Alaska in 1984, worked in the Palmer Alaska church, moved back to Arkansas in 1986. We assisted our Pastor back at our home church in Lincoln Arkansas.

  In 1989 we started a home missions church in Spiro Oklahoma, where we pastored until we moved to Laramie Wyoming in 1994 to begin another home missions church in Laramie. Thankfully these 2 churches still remain as beacons of light in their communities.

In November 1997 we were contacted by the retiring pastor in Eufaula Oklahoma, asking us to consider taking that church. After much prayer and thought, we were elected, moved there in February 1998, where we pastored until July 2011. We felt that God was moving us in another direction, and felt that we needed to begin preparation for whatever that proved to be. We asked the late Rev Elroy Martin, and his wife LaJoyce Martin, if we could just worship with them at Morris Oklahoma until we knew the direction God would lead us. They consented, on the condition that I help with preaching, which turned into almost full time as Bro Martin suffered a stroke in October of 2011. We were in constant prayer about our future, was approached on numerous occasions by the Martin's regarding assuming the pastorate at Morris, but felt uneasy about it. In March 2013 we decided to take a trip through the Northwest, visiting relatives, friends, and new acquaintances. We stopped for gas in Caldwell, and felt that God said "you need to look here". We commented to each other" In Idaho", and drove on, but 2 weeks later came back from Oregon to look it over. Then in May and back in Oklahoma, unable to get past what we felt, I called Bro Frank Shackelford, and asked him to tell me what about Caldwell, he proceeded to in his terms" shell the corn", and at the end I asked if it would be okay with him if I continued to pray about Caldwell. He assured me that it would be okay, and then called me back 3 or 4 days later to tell me that he had talked to the church, and that they wanted us to come look. Well we did, and the rest is history.