Welcome to Idaho


A word from our Superintendent

Welcome to the Idaho District of the UPCI, Where we have a thriving and growing group of Ministers and Churches.

  From the great city of Lewiston, at an elevation of 713, at the area where the Snake and the Clearwater rivers merge together, on their way to the Columbia River, and up to the elevation of 12,662 feet at the top of Borah Peak, Idaho offers a wide range of mountainous beauty. Known for its Potatoes which grow primarily along the Snake River Plain in southern Idaho, where many other crops are also grown, such as dry beans, corn in abundance, onions, mint, alfalfa, and a wide range of fruit, from apples, plums apricots, pears, peaches, and nectarines. In other areas of Idaho there are many other industries, timber, mining, many employment opportunities exist in most of the state.

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