Pastor Duncan

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The story goes…

Licensed with the UPCI for over 40 years, Pastor Duncan is a seasoned minister of the Gospel.  Having attended Gateway College of Evangelism, he traveled in the Midwest and Southern part of the country evangelizing for several years.  During this time, he spent considerable hours establishing the Outreach and Home Bible Study programs in several of those churches that continue to affect lives today.  Along the way he recorded two Southern Gospel albums and continues to bless people today with this gift that God has given him. 

     For the past 25 years he has pastored a church in Boise, Idaho, that he began as a new Home Missions church in 1993, along with being a member of the Idaho District Board for approximately 20 of those years.   In 2018 he was blessed to celebrate 50 years of marriage to Sis. LynAnn Duncan, his lovely bride and faithful companion in the ministry.