Welcome to the Idaho District of the UPCI, Where we have a thriving and growing group of Ministers and Churches.

From the great city of Lewiston, at an elevation of 713, at the area where the Snake and the Clearwater rivers merge together, on their way to the Columbia River, and up to the elevation of 12,662 feet at the top of Borah Peak, Idaho offers a wide range of mountainous beauty. Known for its Potatoes which grow primarily along the Snake River Plain in southern Idaho, where many other crops are also grown, such as dry beans, corn in abundance, onions, mint, alfalfa, and a wide range of fruit, from apples, plums apricots, pears, peaches, and nectarines. In other areas of Idaho there are many other industries, timber, mining, many employment opportunities exist in most of the state.

The Apostolic faith church has a long history in the state of Idaho, from the early 1920’s, the message of One God, and Jesus Name Baptism has been proclaimed in our great state. Many of the churches that were in Idaho in those early years, were affiliated with the “PCI”, one of the organizations that was involved in the merger that created the UPCI in 1945.

  There have been many events, and much history has been made since that time in 1945, when the UPCI began. As with every district in our organization, there have been times when great victory was experienced, and times when struggle was obvious. However all in all, there has been a movement in the forward direction, for that we are grateful. Some of the churches presently in the Idaho District, have been a part of the UPCI since its beginning.

There have been numerous changes along the way, what started in 1945, was known as The Northwest District of the UPCI, was separated in 1965, to become 4 separate districts. At that time the state of Idaho became a district of its own, with the boundaries of the state, creating the boundaries of the district. The leadership has obviously changed many times over the years, many, if not all, of those who were part of the Northwest District, have passed away. Men such as Emmanuel Rohn, C.H. Yadon, Steve Yadon, Norman Rutzen, Earl Johnson, and John Mascroft, have been District Superintendents. In 2009, Rev Jerry Holt became District Superintendent, and led the Idaho District with much integrity, and dignity. Upon his decision in 2017, to not let his name stand again for reelection to that position, Rev Nathaniel Hampton was elected. 

As time has advanced, technology, travel, and communication have also advanced very rapidly. These advances have brought about a much greater ability to reach every culture, every region, and every city. These items still seem to be our greatest challenges, and while it may seem plausible to focus on those of like culture as we are, and to those around our present vicinity, God has commissioned us to “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature”  when we accept the call of God to GO, we must also accept the challenge to bridge into every culture, reach into every region, and city, and proclaim with boldness, that THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST is still the Power of God unto Salvation. And the only hope the world has, comes through the obedience of The Word of God.

We presently have only 13 churches throughout the district. So... there is much room to expand, and many beautiful cities with NO APOSTOLIC CHURCH. We need Men who are not afraid to accept the challenges of starting and building churches. 

In a recent meeting, the Boise Metro area was approved for a Metro-Missions missionary, we are hoping someone with the burden to match the mission will step up, and begin the process of preparation to get on location. The Harvest is truly white and ready for the Laborers.

If you cannot join us in reaching this great state with Gods truths, please join us in prayer, that He will send forth, qualified individuals, and ministers, to assist in this great effort. Pray also that wisdom will be given to all involved, so that we can facilitate “The Will of God” in Idaho.

God bless each of you, should God direct you to consider Idaho as your field of labor, I would encourage you to contact us, let’s talk and see if you might be a fit, to help reach our world with the Gospel.

Thank you for visiting our website,
Rev Nathaniel Hampton